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Editor and art director Michelle McCann and illustrator Aiko Ikegami share how they collaborated on the picture flow, and page turns for the re-release of Eric A. Kimmel's picture book "Why Worry?" (West Margin Press)

For the sketch assignment for the critique, Aiko asked students to try their own cover designs for "Why Worry?" (Just as she and Michelle had to re-visualize the book that originally was published in 1979.)

"Why Worry?" is a story about two insect friends who have very different reactions to a series of frightening setbacks. Berkeley, CA. based West Margin Press published the book with Aiko's illustrations in May this year.

"Create your own unique characters of the cricket who is always worrying and the adventurous grasshopper," Aiko said.

The Vimeo video read-thru by author Eric Kimmel of his PB, Why Worry with Aiko's illustrations.

Michelle McCann