Draw a Child Animal Character

A live workshop with Shirley Ng Benitez


Drawing Children for Children's Book Illustrations

A spring workshop series (that starts next week!)

Shirley, girl with puppy

Shirley Ng Benitez has worked as an illustrator (and author) of children's books for more than five years, and as a graphic designer for American Greetings, Inc. and many other professional clients in the technology, medical, toy and publishing industries.

"I paint traditionally in gouache and watercolor and also create mixed media pieces as well as digitally on the computer."

She's one of the six guest teachers in a new workshop series, Drawing Children for Children's Book Illustrations. Others will be Patrice Barton (January 30), Tracy Nishimura Bishop, Juana Neal-Martinez  (April) and children's book literary agent and artist rep Christy Tugeau Ewers (March.)

As she says above, Shirley's assignment for you for Wednesday, is: Illustrate one of the following prompts, using a young animal (or animals) in your narrative piece: Patience, Optimism, Warmth, Kindness, Gratitude, Being Present.

She'll also share her process and favorite tips for creating exquisite child characters in story illustrations.

Registration for her December 20 workshop also enrolls you in the other six workshops of the spring series (taught by Barton, Neal Martinez, Bishop and Ewers) and access to the video replays, and the replay of November's class, How to Draw 'Cute' While Capturing Natural Realism by award winning fine artist and renowned drawing teacher Cindy Wider.

Please Save My Seat For December 20And the rest of the live sessions!

Pencil sketch by Shirley Ng Benitez


Group critiques are 'perfect practice'

They tell you...

  • What isn't working

  • When to push harder

  • When to just stop

Art by Shirley Ng Benitez

Art by Shirley Ng Benitez

Improvement comes from consistent focus

Sometimes it will be your work being discussed. More often than not, it will be someone else's.

You'll benefit by being there. Absorbing the insights in pieces, bit by bit, as many times as you want.


For the time when it's just you behind the drawing board making every design decision.

A jolt of art school at your fingertips!

Shirley shares how the family puppy, a boxer named Gabby, made the difference for her fledgling design company and personal way of life.

Secure your spot at the table while these wonderful artist-teachers are available to share their secrets with you.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Six sessions. Six months. If you find your first experience of a session not helpful or just not your cup of tea, write me (c/o the How To Be A Children’s Book Illustrator blog) and I’ll refund you same day, no questions asked and no worries (and we’re still friends.) – Mark Mitchell